Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Salesforce Field Service Lightning Implementation

There are many moving pieces in a field service business. Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) allows you to manage customer tickets, work orders, scheduling, equipment and invoicing within a single platform. 

Implementing Salesforce FSL can make your field service business more efficient as dispatchers and field crews become more aligned. Through a powerful scheduling tool, work orders can be assigned based on field crew members’ territories, skills and available equipment. Through the FSL app, all the details of the job can be accessed from any iOS or Android device. Your in-office team and field crews can work more cohesively, resulting in a more timely delivery of services.  

Dispatch crew members more efficiently

Assign work orders based on skills, service areas and available equipment.

Dispatch crew members more efficiently

View team members’ availability in an intuitive scheduling tool and determine the quickest route through Salesforce Maps. 

Take FSL into the field

Access details of the job, customer locations and route information on the go.

Take FSL into the field

Continue using the app while offline and save any changes once internet is available.

Track labor, parts and equipment

Monitor the equipment held by each team member.

Track labor, parts and equipment

Report on the work hours spent by field crews at each job.

Streamline invoicing

Gather customer signatures through the mobile app.

Streamline invoicing

Send invoices as soon as a job is marked complete. 

In any implementation, we devote the first phase of the project to learning your business and your current processes. We then partner with you in determining how Field Service Lightning can best support your day-to-day operations. With the vision documented, we configure the platform to best suit your business needs. Our project ends with training, ensuring each team member feels comfortable using the new functionality. 

We work with your team to identify the system requirements and customization, then design a solution that fits your unique needs. We’ll also identify opportunities to make your current processes more efficient. 

With requirements defined, we configure the software, setting up features like the scheduling dashboard, field crew service areas, tracking for parts and equipment and templates for creating work orders. 

Connecting Field Service Lightning to other systems can greatly extend the impact of the platform. We integrate FSL with ERP systems, external equipment databases and other software systems that tie into business operations. 

We provide training for system administrators and end users with a goal of setting you up to support the solution internally by the project’s end. Training on the mobile platform is key for ensuring a strong ROI with the platform.  

Why Choose Us

  • A thorough discovery and advisory process led by a senior consultant
  • Business-process expertise gathered from experience in the field service industry
  • Consultants who understand the limitations and possibilities of the platform
  • A ‘one-stop-shop’ consulting partner with everything you need to succeed with Salesforce
  • Ongoing support services designed to maximize engagement, performance, and ROI

What Clients Say

Simply put, I am not blowing smoke; this really has been the best consulting experience ever. Well done team!

Peggy Smith, Achievers

There is nothing like getting aligned with somebody who understands it. It’s not about being the most cost effective, although they are. It’s not about being the most timely, they are always on time. It’s about aligning their services with the goals I have for my clients. And they get it the first time. That means a lot to me.

Manny Quevedo, EVP Corporate Development, NTT Group Security

If you only chase the best practices you’ll end up at average. You really want to know, ‘what’s the next practice?’ In talking with Jack and his team, he was good at saying, ‘this is where the industry is, but that’s not where you want to be. You want to be in the next place, and these are the ways you can get there affordably, quickly, and without sacrificing all that’s come before.

Candace Quinn, COO, Professional Research Consultants

The importance of getting a company in there who has experience with the use of the system and the full potential of the system is critical. You can use Salesforce as a CRM to manage accounts and contacts, but it has so much more potential than that. That’s why I wanted to use somebody like Nuvem to realize the full potential of the system. They did a great job.

Craig Coopersmith, VP Sales, Nox-Crete Products Group

People make all the difference in these types of projects. We had incredible representation. It’s a little priceless because without the expertise and guidance, we never would have gotten to where we are today. Nuvem has really changed the value we are getting out of that investment, which has been significant.

Shane Piper, VP Sales, Hudl

The Nuvem team, from initial pitch and discovery phase through going live with our deployment of Salesforce, was an absolute delight to work with! They were attentive to our unique needs and educated us along the way. This first experience with them was a success and I hope to continue the relationship with them for all our SF needs.

Heather Reed, VP Sales Operations and Enablement, CDM Media

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