Managed Support Services

Salesforce Support Services

How do you ensure Salesforce fulfills users’ expectations in a dynamic business environment? It starts with having the right team. Whether you are five days or five years post implementation, you need access to a variety of skill sets that can be scaled to meet demand. Salesforce support services are ideal for organizations that may not require a full-time administrator, are having difficulties recruiting one or who want to add to their existing team. Support services are a cost effective and flexible way to add expertise and resources in a time when Salesforce skill sets are in high demand.

Cost Savings

Purchase scalable services at an affordable, monthly rate instead of constantly burning through blocks of hours.

Cost Savings

Realize significant savings in labor costs by not staffing a full-time administrator or an additional support team in-house.


Gain speed and flexibility to implement enhancement roll outs that benefit users and clients.


Easily scale resources and support  up or down depending on demand.


Access to experienced, certified consultants and developers that you may not have the resources to staff in-house.


Get more expertise at a lower cost from a managed services provider than by hiring specialized employees.


Free up in-house staff to focus on innovation while our expert team handles the daily requests.


Focus on running the business, not the technology.

The Value of Salesforce Support Services

Many executives understand the power of Salesforce’s capabilities, yet take advantage of only a small percentage of them. The struggle is real; keeping pace with monitoring, maintaining, upgrading and securing your org is a day-to-day challenge. A reliable Salesforce support services provider helps by providing several valuable benefits.

How It Works

A dedicated administrator will be your primary point of contact; with access to a team of consultants and developers as needed.

Call, email or chat with administrators anytime from 8 am – 8 pm ET. Plus, access our Customer Portal 24/7 to check case status.

Defined response times ensure prompt support and maintenance of your Salesforce instance.

Service Tiers


  • 20 hours monthly + $1,500 discovery
  • User Management
  • New Release Managment
  • Standard Object Maintenance
  • Standard Reports and Dashboards
  • Pardot Integration Maintenance*


  • 40 hours monthly + $3,000 discovery
  • “Essentials” Package +
  • Basic Process Automation
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • AppExchange Package Maintenance
  • Data Quality Management
  • Custom Object Maintenance
  • CPQ Maintenance**


  • 70 hours monthly + $4,500 discovery
  • “Standard” Package +
  • Advanced Process Automation
  • Development Project Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Custom App Requirements Documentation
  • Service Cloud
  • ERP Integration**

In general, for all packages, virtual admins are available by phone, chat and email. Response times may vary based on package. Additional hours can be purchased for each package level.

Why Choose Us

  • Established, proven processes for handling day-to-day questions and issues
  • Subscription-based packages to fit any budget or timeline
  • A single point of contact to ensure service continuity and accountability
  • An extended team of experts available to provide specialized input as needed
  • A pro-active approach that connects you to updates and innovations sooner

What Clients Say

Simply put, I am not blowing smoke; this really has been the best consulting experience ever. Well done team!

Peggy Smith, Achievers

The importance of getting a company in there who has experience with the use of the system and the full potential of the system is critical. You can use Salesforce as a CRM to manage accounts and contacts, but it has so much more potential than that. That’s why I wanted to use somebody like Nuvem to realize the full potential of the system. They did a great job.

Craig Coopersmith, Nox-Crete Products Group

People make all the difference in these types of projects. We had incredible representation. It’s a little priceless because without the expertise and guidance, we never would have gotten to where we are today. Nuvem has really changed the value we are getting out of that investment, which has been significant.

Shane Piper, Hudl

Focus on growth, not maintenance

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